Business health checks for governance

Developed over 15 years, Governance Intelligence® Health Checks combine high performance area specialists’ and real-world know-how, with Enterprise Care’s multivariate, big-picture, universal analytics to steer your business towards good governance.

This powerful combination of practical insights and rigorous analysis delivers the only health check diagnostic that reveals both the core enablers of high performance and their systemic markers.

Unlike most health checks that only diagnose performance problems, Governance Intelligence® Health Checks takes a quantum leap and provides clear directions for developing effective and easily executable solutions at a whole-of-organisation level.

The only business health checks that offers full visibility of an organisation’s workings, with ready insights into those universal powers which drive high performance…and improve effectiveness of purpose.


“As a tool, Health Checks quickly provide valuable insights into our client’s operational gaps, and immediately focus our discussions to ensure timely delivery of solutions with positive impact on our client’s business.”

Martin Fensome, Partner, Audit


“The range of People and Operational Risk Health Checks save valuable time for our clients by quickly pinpointing key opportunities for improvements for our clients, allowing us to diagnose effective actions.”

Mark Van Der Haar, Director


“Leadership capability is a key predictor of organisational success. Leadership Health Checks identify where your managers and leaders are at their most effective and where the opportunities to improve leadership capability exist.”

Suzanne Bourke, Principal