Holistic Governance

Gone are the days of being able to problem solve in silos, today's world demands our organisations work in harmony across culture, risk, strategy, compliance, innovation, direction and capability.

We demystify good governance and help you harness its power

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What is holistic governance?

The misconception of governance is that it’s centred around compliance only. Compliance is only one arm of effective organisation operations.

Just having the mandated policies and procedures stated does not mean that they are being lived (i.e. just because there is a bullying and harassment policy doesn’t automatically mean there is no bullying and harassment across the organisation).

The critical difference of Governance Intelligence is that we measure not only the compliance angle but also behavioural manifestations as leading indicators of future issues.

Governance Intelligence® Framework

Effective governance ensures that organisations are operating at their peak from both a performance and impact perspective.

This includes due consideration to the impact on all stakeholders including employees, clients, suppliers, society and not just shareholders (if applicable). This has been reiterated by the latest findings from royal commissions and inquiries with Justice Hayne’s comments solidifying the importance.

To be truly effective, governance can’t be reviewed in pockets, instead it must be reviewed according to the whole of organisation impact.

Therefore Governance Intelligence has pioneered a holistic framework showing the interrelationship between the critical organisation domains which make up effective governance.

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September 7, 2020 in Governance

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