About Governance Intelligence Audits

An online audit tool that ensures you quickly gain clear insights into your operations and improve decision making and performance.  

It identifies how effectively staff from different areas are working together and if they are following the objectives set by the board and leadership team. Our audits are used by commercial, not for profit and government organisations and associations. It goes beyond a simple survey by determining gaps, priorities, risks and opportunities to improve profitability, sustainability and competitive performance.

It helps your leadership team know where to focus their efforts, engage with staff, track successes, identify opportunities, benchmark progress and achieve improvements.

Select the most suitable audit 

We have three audit levels, so you can choose the audit that is the best for your organisation.  

  • Whole of Organisation 
  • Express 
  • Pulse 

You can also tailor an audit by selecting relevant statements to gain more insight into a specific business area. 

Whole of Organisation Audit

This provides an overview of your business with benchmarking, a report and a workshop to identify opportunities, so you can then agree on an action plan and targets.

Many leaders conduct a Whole of Organisation Audit annually and track progress through Express and Pulse Audits.

Express Audit

This is an audit of a specific area of your organisation that goes into far more depth.

  • It delivers a report, benchmarking and a feedback session with participants to highlight opportunities so an action plan can be agreed.
  • We prepare a written report and PowerPoint presentation with recommendations.

Pulse Audit

This is a brief online audit focused on a specific topic and delivering instant reporting via a dashboard so you know the business status on the spot.

  • There are 20 Pulse Audits and each one has 20 statements that can be completed by a small or large number of participants.
  • Each audit provides a snapshot to identify issues.

Our Key Audit Areas

We have a range of audits available which are outlined below.

If you are ready to take the next step you can trial a free Pulse Audit here

Or contact Damien Smith on 61 418 325 781 or email info@governanceintelligence.com.au 

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