Maintaining staff engagement during and beyond COVID 19

COVID has and continues to be a major disruption to business operations across all industries, posing challenges for all organisations. Employees, whether still working at home or back in their normal workplaces, are ‘unsettled and uncertain’. Both our work and life compass has been hit off course. Many employees working at home are feeling tired, …

Increased Focus on Transparency

The new whistleblower laws offers benefits far greater than simply the protection of whistleblowers. Corporate cultures of silence, which nurture the turning of a blind eye to wrong doing, only weakens the organisation’s performance. Strong governance on the other hand, which openly supports the reporting of wrongdoing, is evidence of governance aligned with high performance. …

Split Truth

“How do you like the Queen?” Those familiar with Alice in Wonderland will recognise these words spoken by the Cat to Alice.And of course we know that Alice began to say “Not at all, she’s so extremely …” before she noticed that the Queen was listening.Those in key leadership roles may well reflect on what …

Did Someone Mention Culture …. Again?

Sometimes it is easy to feel that professionally you are flying solo. There is a sense that a bigger game of cat and mouse operates and somehow, you’re the cheese.
It’s easy to observe that governments pass more or stricter regulations to plug loopholes, and employees then find new loopholes which exploit those new regulations; so, Groundhog Day is revisited.
When will enough people say that the fault is not in our laws but with us?