Governance Advisory Services

Our specialist governance advisors support you to:

  • Develop/optimise your organisations governance strategy
  • Review Board impact (our most popular governance advisory service)
  • Measure whole of organisation governance impact (includes diagnostics covering all stakeholders)

The great thing with our advisory services is that the inputs can be tailored to what is most beneficial for your organisation. To give you an insight into some of the components we offer:

  • Individual stakeholder interviews (i.e. each Board Member)
  • Customised Governance Intelligence® Diagnostics for each stakeholder group (i.e. the Board, staff & leadership group, clients, partners/suppliers etc.)
  • Benchmark your governance practices relative to your industry and peers
  • Highly targeted and actionable reporting combining all inputs
  • Facilitated sessions to explain the outputs and key recommendations

Your Trusted Governance Advisor can help identify a roadmap of governance changes:

  1. That should be made now
  2. That should be planned in the short-term
  3. That can be addressed in the longer-term

The governance roadmap is constantly changing given emerging and evolving environmental dynamics. Our approach ensures the Board has a plan in place to be fully informed at all times.

Our Governance Intelligence® Diagnostic tools enable Boards to obtain feedback and better understand their governance strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to create value and contribute to the organisations growth.

Simplifying your review process of the Board’s impact on governance

Governance Intelligence® harnesses the depth of experience across our Governance Advisory Specialists and will deliver you a tailored, unbiased view on the state of your Board’s role and impact across the critical organisational governance practices and performance.

We acknowledge the current velocity of increasing changes that Boards and Directors need to embrace while delivering value in their role. Boards and Directors need to:

  • Be comfortable with uncertainty
  • Have a tolerance for ambiguity
  • Have courage and curiosity
  • Be comfortable with not having all the answers straight away
  • Understand that their skills will need to be constantly updated

In such a dynamic environment, other more mechanical and well established governance considerations will become less relevant and useful.


For many Boards, an external review provides an opportunity to stand back and take a ‘temperature check’ in areas including:

  • Internal Board dynamics and workings
  • The relationship and role of the Board (as distinct from management)
  • The effectiveness of the Board’s practices decision-making processes
  • The Board’s comfort with its involvement in developing, refining and assessing progress against company strategy planning

Key activities

  • Organisation-led key focus areas
  • Diagnostics covering key focus areas which can be tailored to stakeholder groups
  • Report provided to organisation drawing on feedback from participants (whilst maintaining their anonymity) suggesting key areas of focus for the 12-24 months ahead

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