Client Testimonials

We have an extensive range of clients across many industries and not for profit sectors. Our clients range from small to medium businesses and large corporations in Australasia. A few of our clients have provided their feedback in the Governance Intelligence client testimonials below:

Governance Intelligence Clients MEGT

The MEGT Board is committed to ongoing improvement in Governance. Governance Intelligence met all our needs by engaging Board members in an audit. Damien Smith delivered an insightful report and engaged all directors in a constructive session. Damien has a deep knowledge of governance thinking and understanding of Board practices and he really listens to the client. This experience helped the board highlight areas to improve performance across board and director levels and the organisation.

Our board understands that even the one per cent improvements, can make a significant difference. The outcome renewed our focus and generated sharper insights in critical areas. Governance Intelligence can provide insight, engagement and an executable plan that deliver valuable governance feedback. Our experience recalibrated the board’s thinking involving what we had become and what we could become.

William Barry O’Gorman, Chairman, MEGT Australia

“After 65 years of operation we thought it very timely to conduct our first-ever assessment of board performance and benchmark our effectiveness. We anticipated there were gaps in our knowledge and effectiveness but were uncertain where to begin to objectively identify and develop a plan to address them.

Damien Smith guided us through an expert process to resolve these issues. Damien facilitated the development of our action plan in a very professional, thorough and energetic manner. We achieved much in a short time frame.

I highly recommend the use of the Governance Intelligence Audits as a robust measurement tool for objectively evaluating board effectiveness. The results from our Governance Intelligence Audit and workshop led by Damien Smith was a powerful way to quickly understand how to improve board interactivity and performance”.

Rhonda Whitfield, Past Chair, Bayley House

Governance Intelligence Clients Better Place Australia

“We had a very good experience with the Governance Intelligence Employee Engagement Audit. Participants found the interface easy to use and appreciated how they could rate their responses. As a result, we had a strong participation rate of 75% of our workforce. They provided great support and promptly answered any questions from participants.

The Governance Intelligence Audits are relevant and the feedback has provided us with a great deal of information that will assist the leadership team with strategic planning. This is true from an employee engagement and culture perspective. We had a very good experience with the Governance Intelligence Employee Engagement Audit. Participants found the interface very easy to use and appreciated how they could rate their responses”.

David Turen, Executive Manager Human Resources, Better Place Australia

Governance Intelligence Clients APAL

“The use of the Governance Intelligence Audits was a breakthrough for our board in identifying what and how to elevate our skills, levels of understanding and actioning good governance. I have a very high regard for Damien Smith and the use of this professional tool. I am delighted to recommend Damien to others for evaluation and generating insightful actions to positively impact their own governance performance. Having been involved in board reviews in other organisations, I found Damien’s insightful work exceeded my expectations”.

John Lawrenson, Past Chair Apple and Pear Australia Limited

Governance Intelligence Clients ASIAL

The Governance Intelligence Board Impact Audit provided an innovative way for key stakeholders in our organisation to review, assess and discuss current governance and reporting practices. As a result, we have been able to identify opportunities where we can further improve governance practices within our organisation.

Bryan de Caires, CEO, Australian Security Industry Association Limited

Governance Intelligence Clients W Fox Tucker

The strength of the Governance Intelligence Culture Audit, is that it enables a significant number of respondents to provide relevant information anonymously. The Audit has been carefully structured and has the ability to develop a meaningful report; which provides the basis for analysis and an excellent snapshot of the key cultural aspects of a firm. The culture audit will prove of great benefit to any firm willing to undertake this”.

Mark Minarelli, Director, DW Fox Tucker Lawyers

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