How can Express and Pulse Audits help your corporate governance review?

Our Audits can assist boards and leaders with a corporate governance review as they are:

  • Online – Purchase now and access whenever and wherever you like.
  • Scalable – Choose the number of participants and the scope of your audit
  • Reliable – Captures and analyses participant data and delivers in a written report
  • Timely – Each participant can receive feedback with a copy of the Audit Report via email
  • Easy to use & Intuitive – The Report’s charts and commentary are easy to understand and offers very practical “quick wins” for action

Why get started with our Audits?

Many of our clients in the non for profit and industry sectors have successfully completed a corporate governance review using our audits. It has resulted in many positive changes in their organisations. This includes changing their business strategy, improving staff engagement and leadership. It has also helped set the purpose and realign the culture in their organisation. Our audits have many benefits:

  • Offers reliable and extensive benchmarking in an easy to understand presentation of findings.
  • Helps you to navigate the volatility and complexities you face daily in an effective way.
  • As you complete additional Audits, you gain further insights by successfully tracking the key levers that improve your organisation’s performance and competitiveness.
  • Contributes to Directors, CEOs, Senior Executives and staff achieving a better performance.
  • Organisations are more resilient and achieve greater success when benchmarked against their peers.
  • Reveals your operating environment in a dashboard so you have greater confidence in embracing the future.
  • Helps achieve better planning and gives you the confidence to execute these plans as you understand what the organisation is experiencing.
  • Minimises the real sense of uncertainty and ambiguity. It empowers staff as they are better informed and have greater role clarity. In addition they know how their contribution makes a difference in achieving their organisation’s purpose.

Would you like to trial a free Pulse Audit?

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