What is a Governance Intelligence Express Audit?

This audit specifically drills into an area of your organisation in considerable depth. It delivers a written report, benchmarking and offers a feedback session with participants to draw out and highlight opportunities that are captured in an agreed action plan. Our team prepares a written report and PowerPoint presentation including commentary and probing questions.

How can an Express Audit help you?

Most business leaders are facing uncertain and disruptive issues such as:

  • Technological changes
  • Greater regulation and across wider areas of a business
  • Economic uncertainty and competitive markets
  • Sustainability and climate change
  • Regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny on how a board measures and influences organisation culture
  • Public trust
  • Leadership capability, accountability, stability
  • Workforce upskilling and transformation

A Governance Intelligence Express Audit allows you to deep dive into an area of your business to find out what is really happening at an operational level. This in turn generates critical information that can be discussed with key stakeholders and helps set and implement the necessary changes and strategies. In addition, this helps to improve your organisations competitive performance and ensures your organisation is sustainable and profitable in the long term.

What Express Audits can I choose?

You can choose from the following audits, but we can also create an audit for your specific needs

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