What is a Governance Intelligence Pulse Audit?

This is a short sharp audit to help leaders to understand, measure and benchmark critical aspects of their operations. Each audit offers an excellent way for leaders to keep up to date and be better informed of what’s occurring across different areas of the organisation. There are 20 carefully chosen Pulse Audits and each one has 20 statements that can be completed by a small or large number of participants. Each audit provides a snapshot which identifies key issues for action.

What Pulse Audits can I choose from?

You can choose one of the following Pulse Audits

How can a Pulse Audit help you?

A Governance Intelligence® Pulse Audit is a quick and efficient way to discover the simple or complex issues or challenges. It gives you the confidence that you are keeping pace with a dynamic and agile marketplace. They are easy and informative and provide an instant dashboard. They require minimal effort to participate and generate valuable insights into key governance issues. This is an excellent opportunity to confirm or reveal what is really happening in your organisation, rather than acting on what people think is occurring.

How often can it be completed?

You can complete this annually, quarterly, monthly, or whenever it suits. It offers instant insights into a range of key governance issues, so you can take prompt action before issues escalate or if you need to give an explanation to your stakeholders. It’s also easy to do another audit to check and benchmark how well these actions are working.

The following chart is an example of what is provided in the dashboard in the free trial Pulse Audit:

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