Governance Intelligence® Pulse Audit

Governance Intelligence® Pulse Audits are short probes to enable the organisation’s leaders to learn, understand, measure and benchmark various critical aspects of the organisation’s operations. Each audit offers an excellent way of leaders to keep up-to-date and be better informed of what’s occurring across various areas of the organisation, and in a timely manner.

Each pulse audit gives you the confidence that you’re keeping pace with a dynamic and agile marketplace. It is a quick, efficient and timely way to be quickly informed across all of the issues or challenges, whether simple or complex. Pulse audits are quick, easy, and informative. Requiring minimal effort to participate yet generating valuable input and insight into key governance issues. This is an excellent opportunity to confirm what is your organisation’s reality; rather than acting on a maybe or a might be or someone else’s opinion.

It could be done annually, quarterly, monthly, or whenever it suits. Offering instant insights into a range of key governance issues, enables prompt interventions of the correct actions, before the proverbial hits the fan or there is a please explain to your stakeholders. Emerging issues are identified more quickly, thus allowing the ‘best’ remedial actions to be considered and then applied, all in a timelier manner. Once this has been undertaken, it is easy to do another audit to check that those remedial actions are working and how well.

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