What is a Whole of Organisation Governance Audit?

This provides a critical overview of your business with benchmarking, a report and workshop to identify issues, opportunities, for you and the team to agree on an action plan and targets. Many leaders conduct a Whole of Organisation Governance Audit annually and track progress through using our Express and Pulse Audits.

How can this Audit help you?

This audit is across all of the enterprise’s stakeholders including the board of directors and helps you gain a complete picture of how your business is working. This is important to:

  • Generate trust through demonstrating transparency
  • Be certain of the direction of your organisation
  • Promote accountability organisation-wide
  • Be open to an independent, unbiased assessment of current operations

It offers ready insights and enables you to implement the priority necessary changes and strategies at an individual and a group level to quickly improve performance. It can highlight challenges and offer early warning signs of future issues and advise if a strategy is on track or the values between the board and staff are aligned. It can also indicate if a defensive strategy needs to be taken to avoid any internal or external threats.

Viewing the health of your organisation
Governance Intelligence allows you to view the overall health of your organisation. It identifies critical elements or differentiators which give your organisation a significant advantage that quickly impacts your operations at a global level. It can help your organisation be more agile and resilient and to improve both profitability and long-term sustainability.

What topics will be used?

Some of the following topics will be covered for the Whole of Organisation Governance Audit.

Interested in learning more about our solution?

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