Living In A World of Unease

Posted 26 July, 2018

Many of us relate to a feeling of unease at work. It’s not because our work mates aren’t friendly. It’s more about having to face the unpredictable and inexplicable random surprises and demands for change and quick response times.

In a nutshell our world is spinning out of control and help is not on offer.

We are experiencing a sense of anxiety or discontent that is like “an unpleasant smell”. Knowing it’s there doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

The best approach though is to accept the inevitability of change. The real challenge is to gain a position where you have a sense of being in control over some of the change.

So, over the next few months why not try to work with some of the changes and create positive opportunities for yourself and for others in your workplace. You will notice a sense of confidence will emerge resulting in greater enjoyment coming to work.

Living In A World of Unease


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