Maintaining staff engagement during and beyond COVID 19

Posted 31 August, 2020

COVID has and continues to be a major disruption to business operations across all industries, posing challenges for all organisations. Employees, whether still working at home or back in their normal workplaces, are ‘unsettled and uncertain’. Both our work and life compass has been hit off course.

Many employees working at home are feeling tired, stressed and disconnected. Some juggle work responsibilities with looking after children. Recent restructures, stand downs and government subsidies have employees concerned about job safety and wary of what the future holds.

Despite the changes, some are finding a positive side: no hours spent commuting, the freedom and flexibility of working at home without interruptions or office politics. They are also enjoying the opportunity to innovate and refresh activities. A central theme has emerged – staff engagement.

Regardless of location, it’s important for leaders to know the organisation’s staff engagement temperature. Not knowing can impact the business now, and well into the future.

What actions can be taken to maintain and strengthen staff engagement, particularly in these times?

A sense of reality Keep in touch with employees through regular 1:1 meetings to find out how they are going and ensuring their work projects are meaningful and challenging. It is also important to provide tools, apps and check ins that keep teams connected when remote working is involved.

Connectedness When an employee feels connected to their colleagues, their responsibilities and to what the organization is aiming to achieve, job performance can be improved. A strong staff engagement reveals an emotional commitment to the organisation and staff caring about their work. This leads to a high performing workforce and improved business results.

Are your employees engaged? Can you answer the following 3 questions accurately and with confidence?

  1. Do your staff feel empowered, valued and positive about working every day?
  2. Do your staff have a clear understanding of the purpose and objectives of your organisation?
  3. Can different functional teams (or individuals) work together as one to solve business challenges?

If you are unable to answer any of these confidently, or you are concerned about the impact of COVID on your team, then it’s timely to address your staff engagement.

A staff engagement survey can provide insights to better understand your team’s individual needs. Everyone is motivated by different drivers, therefore it is important to tailor your organisation’s strategy. Having a focus on the eight key core drivers of staff engagement such as Leadership and Values and Culture, increases the early gains achieved.

The Governance Intelligence® Staff Engagement Pulse Audit offers insights for better understanding staff’s needs and the current climate. Find out more about the Staff Engagement Pulse Audit here showing how to improve your staff engagement.

Damien Smith AM, Managing Director, Governance Intelligence

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Maintaining staff engagement during and beyond COVID 19


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