Board Effectiveness Pulse Audit

Price: $957.00

Today’s boards operate in highly dynamic and disruptive environments. As a result directors face increasingly demanding stakeholders and ambiguous challenges.

Governments and Communities also seek to hold directors more accountability for what happens within their organisations.

Boards need to be more engaged, more knowledgeable and more effective. In order to do this, boards must rise above holding a “compliance” mentality.

To use Drucker’s words, Directors need “to do the right things, rather than just doing things right”.

Certainly issues of board reporting, dynamics and engagement need to be reviewed and managed. How does a board achieve a better focus on key priority areas of improvement?

Board can achieve improved performance by using the Governance Intelligence® Board Effectiveness Pulse Audit.

The Pulse Audit taps into a director’s core concerns. It alerts the board to those issues which need immediate attention. This prioritising enables a board to embark on a journey of continually improving their effectiveness.

So how effective is your Board?

Use our Board Effectiveness Pulse Audit today to immediately have valuable insights on:

  • where is your Board’s current level of effectiveness
  • what are the high priority impediments to effectiveness
  • how are directors interacting with each other and their stakeholders and
  • how best can the board pursue a higher level of performance