Corporate Compliance Pulse Audit

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Corporate Compliance is an essential part of governance.

But why is this?

Because effective corporate compliance offers a layer of protection for your organisation, and is a key contributor to its long term success.

This is not an isolated presence. It is not just for a select few.

Having everyone in your organisation understanding its logic and need is of fundamental importance to doing it right, and also for the right reasons.

In addition, a good corporate compliance program isn’t just about meeting legal obligations. Its potential is in offering more. It can perceive possible breaches and deliver early alerts. Therefore enabling proactive preventative measures to be explored and adopted.

Pursuing the program for positive purposes and for its benefits, means looking beyond legal compliance.   For example the positives include:

  • improved staff and business performance
  • increased client trust and confidence
  • minimised negative impacts on the organisation.

These are all important factors for long-term organisational success.

All organisations, whether large or small, need effective corporate compliance programs.

So, how effective is your corporate compliance program?

  • Are the organisation’s leaders accountable for any breaches or underperformance?
  • How do managers record and manage compliance failures?
  • Do staff actually recognise and report illegal/unethical activities? In a timely manner?
  • Do you know if your trademarks, copyright and other IP is fully protected?

Use our Corporate Compliance Pulse Audit today and gain valuable insights  to immediately to improve your current corporate compliance.