Culture Pulse Audit

Price: $957.00

How important is your organisation’s culture?

An organisation’s culture injects an energy which creates the environment which drives positive outcomes. It is the culture which nurtures and re-enforces a healthy and beneficial work environment. Fundamentally it provides the ‘social glue’ that connects everything that makes up the organisation together. It offers the illumination for the staff to think and behave.  Also to understand what processes to follow whenever particular circumstances may arise.

This elevates the criticality of culture as a non-negotiable value-add for all organisations. Boards and the organisation’s leadership group need to regularly know what the present level of their organisation’s culture is. Regularly knowing the potency of their organisation’s culture, understanding what is currently working well, quickly pinpointing areas to improve, and easily and seamlessly convert to wins is good governance practice.

Why should you undertake a Culture Pulse Audit?

Undertaking the Governance Intelligence® Culture Pulse Audit on a regular and consistent basis ensures your culture is operating as a key driver of competitive advantage. Having available the ready insights into which critical drivers need to have a priority, ensures attaching the necessary value to the appropriate behaviours that can and will deliver your successes. Going from guesswork to a structured and committed approach will mean an upward facilitated growth and sustainability of a dynamic organisation.

The audit inputs the ability to address issues before they become problems. In other words, the organisation culture determines the way staff interact with each other.  Similarly, an effective culture encourages staff to stay motivated and loyal to the organisation.

The Culture Pulse Audit is an easy to use online diagnostic.  It provides an excellent snapshot of the effectiveness of Culture in your organisation.  Above all, it enables you to quickly identify the good, the bad and the ugly of your organisational culture.  In addition, the Culture Pulse Audit can be completed by anyone, anywhere and on any device.