Cyber and Data Security Pulse Audit

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Is your organisation safe from cyber-attacks?

“Many people are confident they would never fall for a scam, but often it’s this sense of confidence that scammers target.”

In addition, “they (scammers) have call centres with convincing scripts, staff training programs and corporate performance indicators their ‘employees’ need to meet.” (Delia Rickard, deputy chair of the ACCC)

Therefore, everyone needs to better understand the importance of information system security.

According  to The Cyber Security Review, cybercrime costs the Australian economy up to one billion dollars per year in direct costs alone.

Apart from financial costs,  other negative impacts of cyber crime are:

– data breaches,

– loss of productive time, and

– damage to business trust and reputation.

Unfortunately, research has found that majority of businesses only spent money on cyber security after the attack.

So, how safe are your systems against cyber-attacks?

Let’s do a quick test.

– Do you have the latest antivirus software and patches?

– Is a staff member specifically responsible for data security and compliance?

– Does everyone in your organisation attend regular training on information system security?

– Do you have an intrusion detection or prevention system?

– How often do you back up system data?

– Do you have a third party to conduct regular security audit or penetration tests?

How did you score?

In other words,  how confident are you that your systems will detect and withstand cyber-attacks?

Be proactive, use our Cyber and Data Security Pulse Audit and protect your valuable data and systems. Don’t wait until it’s too late.