Director Exit Interview Pulse Audit

Price: $957.00

Organisations take great care when they recruit and appoint directors. Formal processes can include:

  • forming nomination committees;
  • using external search agencies; and
  • conducting extensive research on candidates’ background to ensure they can contribute to the collective skillset of the Board.

However when directors leave, apart from the usual acknowledgement and farewell, there is often no formal process to seek feedback. This is a lost opportunity.

A genuine director exit interview process can glean valuable insights that are of immense benefit for the Board.  The Board will benefit by being open to accepting feedback.  And also to use that insight and feedback to address any acceptable identified gaps.

When directors are confident that the Board’s exit interview program is managed professionally, and that their feedback is genuinely accepted and valued; then the more likely their feedback will be honest and meaningful.

The Governance Intelligence® Director Exit Interview Pulse Audit offers a structured and consistent approach in uncovering issues relating to governance practices, that may not be obvious to others.

This Pulse Audit tracks trends across a director’s life-cycle and generates an instant report, offering valuable insights and in turn revealing possible trends or patterns.

Undertake this Director Exit Interview Pulse Audit today.  Promptly address the identified issues before they distort the effective operation of remaining directors’ contributions as well as the overall performance of the Board itself.