Whistleblower Pulse Audit

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Effective management of whistleblowing should now be non-negotiable. Laws have expanded whistleblowing protections and sizable penalties for any failures to look after whistleblowing.

Boards and leadership teams should acknowledge the important role that whistleblowing have in helping companies identify, detect and prevent unlawful or unethical activity. Authentic whistleblowing programs show the commitment to support a “speak up culture” which values employees’ opinions. It also sends a clear message that any illegal or questionable behaviour will not be tolerated. This creates a culture of trust and transparency.

Impact of an ineffective whistleblowing program

Whistleblowing also serves as an early warning system for management to address issues before they become extensive and entrenched. When employees are fearful or, do not have appropriate channels to report wrongdoing internally, some may resort to posting in social media. The potential is reputation and brand damage and a loss of hard earned community trust.

Whatever the laws, there are big gains in embracing an effective whistleblowing program as part of the organisations sound governance practices.

Robust whistleblowing frameworks support good governance practices

All boards need to exhibit a strong interest in flagging corporate misconduct early. Once identified it can be addressed and hopefully prevented from recurring.

Does your organisation have:

  • a whistleblower policy which has been fully communicated to all staff?
  • a process for anonymous reporting?
  • an adequate process for responding to any report received?
  • adequate protection for whistleblowers?

If you do not have a program as yet, then contact us to make a start. If you do have a program then use our Governance Intelligence Whistleblower Pulse Audit to measure the effectiveness of your whistleblowing program today.

How does it work?

This is a brief online audit on Whistleblowing delivering instant reporting via a dashboard so you know the business status on the spot.

  • There are 20 Pulse Audits and each one has 20 statements that can be completed by a small or large number of participants.
  • Each audit provides a snapshot to identify issues.

When you purchase this audit on our online store you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the audit. Following the set-up, you and other participants in your organisation can then complete the audit on a PC, laptop, IPad or mobile phone.  A report  will be sent by email after the nominated completion date.

Any Questions?

For more information on this audit, contact Damien Smith on +61 418 325 781 or email info@governanceintelligence.com.auYou can also trial a free Pulse Audit.

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