High Performance Pulse Audit

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Staff in many organisations are working frantically. Their increasing efforts don’t seem to be helping the organisation, and in fact, may even be slowing its progress. In other cases, the staff efforts appears to go around in circles as they are unclear about the organisation’s purpose.

High performance organisations are different

They have an aligned leadership and staff are clear about their roles and accountabilities. People are also willing to embrace change in a dynamic operating environment. Typically, high performance organisations also have an excellent culture and staff engagement.

High performance organisations know where to focus their energies. And year on year, they experience gains in productivity, increasing performance levels and achieving healthy profitability.

Every sector has high performing organisations who consistently outperform their competitors within the same market environment.

Simply put, high performance matters because the better the organisation’s performance, the better the bottom line. Additionally, good governance demands that today’s boards and leadership group know what is needed to perform better as an organisation.

Why complete a High Performance Pulse Audit?

By using this Pulse Audit, it’s possible to:

  • identify your current performance efforts and prioritise key potential actions to leverage improvements over the immediate short term to know where your organisation fits?  Is it high-performance, low performance, or under performance?
  • quickly gain insights into what you are doing well, and what to improve.

How does it work?

This is a brief online audit on High Performance delivering instant reporting via a dashboard so you know the status on the spot.

  • There are 20 Pulse Audits and each one has 20 statements that can be completed by a small or large number of participants.
  • Each audit provides a snapshot to identify issues.

When you purchase this audit on our online store you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the audit. Following the set-up, you and other participants in your organisation can then complete the audit on a PC, laptop, IPad or mobile phone. A report will be sent by email after the nominated completion date.

Any Questions?

For more information on this audit, contact Damien Smith on +61 418 325 781 or email info@governanceintelligence.com.auYou can also trial a free Pulse Audit.

You can find out more about our other audit solutions such as Express Audits or Whole of Organisation Governance Audit. For feedback from companies that have completed the audits, you can read our client stories and testimonials.

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