Organisational Capability Pulse Audit

Price: $957.00

Organisational Capability The ability and capacity of an organisation to utilise its resources to achieve business objectives

As such, organisational capability “goes hand in hand” with performance and sustainability.

Moreover, in today’s dynamic environment, organisations need to continually enhance their capabilities. They must strive to have the competitive edge, to do better than their competitors.

“Organizational capabilities, as we call them, are key intangible assets. You can’t see or touch them, yet they can make all the difference in the world when it comes to market value.” (Harvard Business Review)

So, how can you enhance your organisation’s capabilities?

Firstly, senior management must lead the way. They need to give it high priority.

Then, take action – undertake our Organisational Capability Pulse Audit.

The ensuing Pulse Audit Report gives you clear insights into your organisation’s capabilities, for example:

  • Is your business planning process effective?
  • Does leadership encourage innovation?
  • Are stakeholders regularly involved in shaping strategy?
  • Do staff have a clear understanding of their roles and accountabilities?
  • How well do daily activities reflect the approved strategic intent?

You can then focus on the areas that need work, while continuing to build on your strengths.

Act now, use this Pulse Audit regularly to improve your organisational capabilities, increase performance and achieve your business objectives.