Staff Engagement Pulse Audit

Price: $957.00

Do you have “disengaged” staff?

Disengaged staff, according to recent research, account for more than 60% of staff in today’s organisations. Further, there is a positive correlation between staff engagement and profitability.

Therefore the answer is simple. By increasing the level of your staff engagement, there is a direct increase in your organisation’s productivity, higher customer ratings, and lower staff turnover.

All of this leads to increased profitability.

So why is this not a high priority issue for organisations?

“Our staff are different, they are engaged”.  This is to often the assumption made my many Managers.

If this is true for your organisation then the following questions can be answered accurately and with confidence:

1. Do our staff feel empowered and valued, positive about coming to work every day?

2. Do our staff have a clear understanding of the purpose and objectives of our organisation?

3. Do different functional teams work together as one to solve business challenges?

If any of these questions cannot be confidently answered, then it is timely to undertake the Governance Intelligence® Staff Engagement Pulse Audit.

As staff are individuals motivated by different drivers at different times, then it is important to tailor your organisation’s strategy to ensure an ongoing successful staff engagement program.

The Governance Intelligence® Staff Engagement Pulse Audit provides timely insights to enable better understanding of your staff’s needs, and formulate an effective strategy to enable them to become more committed and motivated.

Invest in your people today. Use this Pulse Audit to increase your staff engagement and achieve greater profitability.