Workplace Behaviours Pulse Audit

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Workplace behaviours positively contributes to the creation of a productive and harmonious work environment. By supporting their staff in reaching their full potential, an organisation can achieve a significant edge over its competitors.

However, inappropriate workplace behaviour leads to a dysfunctional environment.  In turn, negativity impacts staff productivity, job satisfaction and general well-being. As a result leading to poor organisation reputation, limited competitiveness and lower profitability.

The organisation needs to be very clear about the expected workplace behaviour from their staff. We owe ourselves and those around us an acknowledgement of the required duty of care. However, the challenge then becomes how governance approaches this duty and how it can effectively address any inappropriate behaviours. An organisation’s leadership group needs to prevent and minimise behaviour which adversely affects workplace harmony and/or causes harm or injury to others.

Here are 2 questions that should not keep you awake at night:

  • Are the expected workplace behaviours clear to all staff?

  • How do we detect and correct any inappropriate behaviour?

If you could not confidently answer those questions, then our Governance Intelligence® Workplace Behaviours Pulse Audit will deliver you the solution.

Our Pulse Audits are easy to use, accessible remotely, and with instant feedback, enabling your issue to be resolved and performance restored.

So what are you waiting for? Access immediately and achieve a productive and harmonious workplace environment now.