Workplace Behaviours Pulse Audit

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An organisation needs to be very clear about the expected workplace behaviour from their staff. We owe ourselves and those around us an acknowledgement of the required duty of care. However, the challenge then becomes how governance approaches this duty and how it can effectively address any inappropriate behaviours. An organisation’s leadership group needs to prevent and minimise behaviour which adversely affects workplace harmony and causes harm or injury to others.

Are you ready to complete an ethics audit?

A Board can achieve improved performance by using the Governance Intelligence Workplace Behaviours Pulse Audit.

Here are two questions that should not keep you awake at night:

  • Are the expected workplace behaviours clear to all staff?
  • How do we detect and correct any inappropriate behaviour?

If you could not confidently answer those questions, then our Workplace Behaviours Pulse Audit will deliver you the solution. Many clients committed to undertaking an ethics audit have completed our audit. This has achieved a more productive and harmonious workplace environment.

How does it work?

This is a brief online audit on Workplace Behaviours delivering instant reporting via a dashboard so you know the business status on the spot.

  • There are 20 Pulse Audits and each one has 20 statements that can be completed by a small or large number of participants.
  • Each audit provides a snapshot to identify issues.

When you purchase this audit on our online store you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the audit. Following the set-up, you and other participants in your organisation can then complete the audit on a PC, laptop, IPad or mobile phone. A report will be sent by email after the nominated completion date.

Any Questions?

For more information on this audit, contact Damien Smith on +61 418 325 781 or email can also trial a free Pulse Audit.

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