Human Resources

Downloadable resources available for you to apply practically in your day-to-day business operations. Leave us a note to request anything specific we can assist you with.

Board and Director Governance Performance Evaluation Program


The program includes an extensive sample evaluation questionnaire that can be tailored for your Board. This inexpensive program is a great alternative to hiring external consultants, and is an ideal way of introducing your Board to the concept of evaluating their own performance.

Complaints Handling Policy & Procedure Manual


The way a complaint is dealt with can either enhance the reputation of an organisation, or damage it in the mind of the complainant forever. Rather than ignoring their existence, a real opportunity exists for organisations to take a complaint and turn it into a positive experience for the customer.

Developing Not for Profit Performance Management Systems


This publication provides a knowledge-base that explains the framework behind developing a Not for Profit Performance Management System, and provides step-by-step activities to assist in developing your own system. It also includes suggestions on how to get the most from your system.

Director Remuneration Reward Assessment


This tool offers a practical guide and template in measuring performance and setting remuneration levels. It includes key criteria for assessment, as well as an example of how to apply the criteria to your organisation to determine your Director’s remuneration.

Employment Agreement


This publication provides you with the content for inclusion in any employment contract. With twenty (20) Operative Provisions ranging across Definitions and Interpretations, Employment Terms, Disciplinary Procedures, Superannuation, Ending Employment, Disclosure of Information, Intellectual Property, and all matters in between.

Employment Deed of Release


The role of HR in this process is to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed. These may involve an exit interview; confirming the employee’s entitlements; checking on correct termination payments; and protecting the organisation from detrimental actions of the ex-employee.

Health and Safety Questionnaire for New Employees


Individual health information is critical to the maintenance of a safe work environment. Your organisation must be in a position to provide such an environment to each of its employees, so it is essential for you to be properly informed of all pertinent health matters.

Induction Checklist for New Employees


The best way to guarantee an efficient induction process is to have your own organisation’s comprehensive induction checklist in operation. This induction checklist covers all the relevant areas including work conditions, job performance expectations, health and safety policies and procedures, from day one right through to month three.

Job Evaluation Methodology


This publication is your virtual expert in showing you how to conduct a fair, methodical, objective, consistent and credible review, that will show the differences between jobs in a meaningful and measurable way.

Performance Evaluation & Review of CEO/Senior Staff


This publication provides a detailed Framework for the performance evaluation and review of the CEO as well as for other senior staff. IssuesSkill Areas and KPIs are all identified within the Framework.

Performance Planning and Review Process


Enterprise Care’s Performance Planning and Review Process will enhance an individual’s understanding, their alignment and the clarity of what constitutes a successful achievement of your organisation’s goals.

Reviving Staff Performance and Productivity


This publication offers advice on measuring, managing, reviewing and reviving staff performance and productivity. It contains activities, examples, checklists, questionnaires and issues for reflection to help you develop your ideas and skills in order to optimise the performance of your staff.

Staff Engagement: Your Key to Success


High-performance organisations include engagement surveys as part of an evolving staff engagement program. This ePublication assists you to formulate an effective staff engagement program; which in turn ensures evident improvement of your organisation’s performance, and leading to long-term successes.

The Not for Profit Human Resources Guide


Written specifically for Not for Profit organisations, the Guide details relevant industrial/employee relations matters that are applicable to you, and outlines in detail the steps and procedures you need to take to comply with the new workplace relations system.

Your Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Senior Staff


The publication discusses all the steps necessary for the process of recruitment together with detailed commentary and advice to maximise success. It suggests ways to avoid some common mistakes and sets out recommendations for you and your organisation to adopt ‘best practice’ principles when recruiting staff.