Strategic Planning

Downloadable resources available for you to apply practically in your day-to-day business operations. Our resources section includes policies & procedures, checklists, guides, templates and more. Leave us a note to request anything specific we can assist you with.

Developing Strategic Plans that Work


A Strategic Plan is a systematic process that allows you and your organisation to identify and implement the six most important things that you must get right to prosper over the next few years. This publication provides a framework for an organisation to implement strategic planning, and introduces the Enterprise Care SCORE© Analysis.

Strategic Reporting Template


The Enterprise Care Strategic Reporting Template enables the Board to focus on strategic rather than operational issues. This template is designed to provide a format for reporting to the Board which gives a snapshot of how the organisation is tracking against key objectives. It is provided in an easy-to-use format, and includes explanations and examples.

Strategic Review Survey


This survey will help your Board to truly understand what your stakeholders believe are the strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities, risks and ethical dimensions for your organisation. It will enable your Board to plan effectively for the future, ensuring that stakeholder needs are foremost in the minds of Directors when setting the strategic plan.