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This Audit (the Governance Intelligence® Product) contains information which is proprietary and valuable to Governance Intelligence®  and is intended for disclosure to, and internal use only by, the organisation whose name and address have been recorded by Governance Intelligence® at time of purchase as being entitled to be the Licensee of the Governance Intelligence® Product (‘the Licensee’).

It is a condition of supply and use of this Governance Intelligence® Product that the Licensee agrees to the following:

  1. Sharing – The Licensee can copy, distribute, display and use the Governance Intelligence® Product for internal organisational purposes solely and must make known at all time the proprietary nature of the Governance Intelligence® Product and these conditions as to use.
  2. Use – The Licensee may rely on internal resources to use the Governance Intelligence® Product. However it is a condition of the Licence that written permission of Governance Intelligence® must first be obtained should any person other than an employee of the Licensee be sought to use the Product. Governance Intelligence® may at its sole discretion not grant permission for external persons to access and use the product.
  3. Attribution – The Licensee must at all times and for each use of the Governance Intelligence® Product, including derivative works, attribute to Governance Intelligence® as follows – ‘This is an Governance Intelligence® Product. The copyright is owned by Governance Intelligence® and the Licensee has a limited licence to use the Governance Intelligence® Product only for the Licensee’s internal organisational needs. No rights of use are given to any other organisation. © Governance Intelligence®.’
  4. Derivative Works – The Licensee may only alter, transform or build upon this work for use internally and provided at all times the Attribution in 3 above is clearly recorded on the Derivative Works.
  5. Non commercial – The Licensee may not use this work for commercial purposes.
  6. Non publication – The Licensee is not entitled to publish the Governance Intelligence® Product on their website or any external publication or medium. The Product is strictly for the internal use of the Licensee only.
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Additional rights may be sought in writing and are subject to Governance Intelligence’s® prior written consent.


The information contained in the Audit is provided on the basis that neither Governance Intelligence® nor its consultants

  • are providing legal or other professional advice. No person should act solely on the basis of material contained in this Audit. Expert advice should be obtained before applying information in this Audit to particular circumstances, or
  • are in any way responsible for any loss or liability by anyone acting on the basis of information in this Audit or for any error in or omission from it.
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