What is Whole of Organisation Governance?

By identifying key issues and gaps, a board and its leaders have greater visibility across the whole of the company. The increased transparency provides immediate insights to improve decision making and business performance. Our solution combines Governance Intelligence® Audits with Governance Advisory Services.

Why is governance so important? 

  • Governance is a force for good in all types of businesses.
  • Governance directly drives higher performance and sustainable profitability.
  • Recent governance disasters have resulted in significant financial losses. This includes weak oversight, lack of clarity, data breaches, poor culture and shareholder class actions.
  • Many directors and leaders fail to see what is really going on at an operational level. This means that unexpected mistakes and losses are a total surprise and go unmanaged.

How does a Whole of Organisation Governance solution work?

How can Whole of Organisation Governance help?

Key challenges facing today’s leaders 

Most directors and leaders are facing increased uncertainty from technological and economic disruption in running their business. As a result, they struggle to improve the organisation’s performance. Many leaders are also confronting a more complex regulatory framework and are asked to be accountable for areas that they can’t control.

Our solution combines Governance Intelligence Audits with Governance Advisory Services

We work with trusted advisors who specialise in governance, compliance, risk, legal, organisational and business, and people & performance matters. They can provide advice on how to address key organisational challenges and recommend the necessary right actions.

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